Hungry For More Hunger Games??

Have I got the books for you!


An amazing new series called, “The Last Survivors,” (isn’t that a great title?)

by Susan Beth Pfeffer

Book 1- Life As We Knew ItWhat would happen if a meteor struck the moon and sent it off its orbit? This is the world that 16 year-old Miranda experiences in her rural Pennsylvania home. In addition to dealing with issues like her Mom and Dad getting divorced, growing up, and her Stepmom’s new baby, she must learn to adapt in this very new world with constantly changing weather (it never gets above 50 degrees, even in the Summer months) the collapse of the internet and other methods of communication and the very basic need for supplies and food.  She is smart though, and that takes her a long way.

Book 2- The Dead and The GoneIn the second book, we follow 17 year-old Alex and his younger sisters Briana and Julie as they struggle to survive in a partly deserted apartment building in New York City. Their parents have both died since the meteor struck, and in addition to the unpredictable weather, they are faced with the lack of food and water and spreading disease as they desperately try to survive and find their extended family.

Book 3-This World We Live In-Miranda and Alex’s stories merge as Alex meets Miranda as one of the newcomers to her rural Pennsylvania town. Along with the growing unease about the future and the need to know what happened to their family members, Alex and Miranda’s friendship deepens as they struggle to adapt and survive in the new world.

You can visit Susan Beth Pfeffer’s blog at  and read about her progress writing the 4th book in the seriesThe Shade of The Moon (and see pictures of her cute kitty)


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