What If You Only Had 102 Days With Your One True Love?

Stay With Me by Paul Griffin

Cece and Mack are both 15 and are each other’s first love. Cece is a sweet straight A student and Mack is a dog lover who rescues pit bulls and trains them to be family pets. They meet at their after school job at a pizza restaurant.

Both Cece and Mack come from troubled homes and have difficult relationships with their families and become each other’s family. Mack hopes his latest dog, Boo, will help Cece overcome her fear of being bitten and he slowly introduces them to each other and they begin to plan for a future together.

But after learning of a senseless act of violence and cruelty, Mack makes a rash decision that puts their futures in jeopardy and will change both their lives forever.

If you love dogs, if you have difficulties at home, if you always root for the underdog, you will love this book! It is a wonderful story with real characters whom you will remember long after you finish the last page.


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