Guest Book Review-by Robert

Our first guest book review is from our patron Robert, who is 14 years old and will begin his sophomore year at Morton High School this September.

Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher

This book is about a girl named Hannah who created audio tapes before she committed suicide explaining exactly why and had them sent out to thirteen people after her death because she wants them to understand what happened. In these tapes she says there are only two rules; one being that each person must send the tapes to another person. She wants the 13 people to feel exactly how she had felt. It’s her way of revenge.

I loved this book and would recommend it. My favorite thing about the book was the way Hannah had the tapes sent out after her death so it was like her actual words coming from the grave.


Thirteen Reasons Why is one of the novels suggested for Morton High School’s Summer reading project and was a 2007 New York Times best selling novel and hit number 1 in July of that year.  Universal Studios purchased the film rights and Selena Gomez is set to play the character of Hannah.

Read an interview with the author Jay Asher

Visit Jay Asher’s website

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