Month: December 2012

Merry Christmas from Scaredy Squirrel!!

I heart Scaredy Squirrel and what a great surprise to find that there is a new Scardey Squirrel book!!!


I’m taking it home to read tonight and I’m sure it will give me some Christmas cheer. Have a great and fun holiday!

The Cat Who Came Back For Christmas ~ Miss Nancy


The Cat Who Came Back for Christmas: How a Cat Brought a Family the Gift of Love

by Julia Romp


Miss Nancy told me that this is her favorite Christmas book this year! I can’t wait to read it. have you ever heard of pet therapy animals? This is a true story about a cat named Ben who helps George, a little boy with special needs, to begin to communicate with his family!

December Author of The Month for Home School


Eve Bunting

Anne Evelyn Bunting  was born on December 19, 1928 in Ireland and has written more than 250 books in both fiction and non-fiction about many subjects. Many of her stories are set in Ireland, where she grew up.  As a young married mom, she immigrated to the US with her family and attended college where she first enrolled in a creative writing course. She became inspired to write about Ireland and her country’s history and her first published story was about an Irish folktale about a young man who outsmarted a mean giant. This gave her confidence to continue writing and today she is listed among the top 100 authors by The Educational Paperback Association.

You can find more information about her at her publisher’s website here