Month: September 2013

Book Review: Francis, the Little Fox

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Today’s book review is for Francis, the Little Fox, written by Veronique Boisjoly, illustrated by Katty Maurey, published by Kids Can Press. I received an electronic copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

I want to start off by praising the absolutely gorgeous book design. It’s a truly beautiful book. There is a certain quality to it that is reminiscent of vintage children’s books. Many of the pages feature an abundance of negative space–rather than trying to fill every page up, the designer has opted to create a sense of openness and leisurely pace.

Maurey’s illustrations are what really bring the book to life, though. Her retro style and muted palette are wonderful. There are plenty of images that would be perfect if framed on the wall of a child’s room. One would never guess that her pictures are digitally rendered, having small marks…

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delicious irony


Last February I was busy making art for several duopress books, including  Yummy Food Doodles, which, at long last, is available in bookstores. Hooray!


This is an exciting announcement deserving of fancy hoopla, but all I have to offer is a blog post—so I thought I’d take the opportunity to share a little about me, my association with my favorite publisher duopress, and this project’s history—in celebration, and just for fun.


first, a bit about me

My husband, who is extremely witty, likes to compare me to a ficus.

He hugs me and says, “My ficus.” Sweet, right?

Don’t be fooled. A ficus is lovely, for sure, but aesthetics factor only slightly in his analogy. As a rule, the ficus is so delicate that its leaves pop off whenever you move its pot. The ficus is super-sensitive, and that is his point.

We’ve been together for nineteen…

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Photo of the week: Changing the transmitter on Rangi the takahē

Conservation blog

Today’s photo shows DOC’s Mike Aviss (left) and Chris Birmingham (right) on Maud Island/Te Hoiere changing the transmitter on Rangi the takahē.

Changing the transmitter on takahe Rangi.

This image is one of the shots you’ll find in your feed when you follow DOC on Instagram.

Instagram is a free photo-sharing app for mobile devices. It allows us (and you!) to take, upload, edit and share photos.

By following DOC on Instagram you’ll be treated to images of the amazing species, places, plants, pursuits and people DOC gets to experience every day, taken by the rangers who are out there ‘doing it’.

Do you use Instagram? Let us know. We’re keen to connect!

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