Month: March 2014

Have You Read and Seen Divergent yet?

Divergent cover


Tell us what you thougth of the book and movie in the comments below. And take this fun quiz to find out which faction you belong to!

St. Baldrick’s Fundraiser ~ March 15, 2014

Please visit our library this Saturday, March 15 to support our efforts to help end childhood cancers. Please visit our page here.  You can purchase a bracelet for $1.00 to contribute to this worthy cause. Read more about the St. Baldrick’s Foundation here .

Thank you for your support.


Meet Myfie the tiny kiwi chick

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Weighing just 173 grams, the smallest kiwi chick ever to have hatched at Rotorua’s Rainbow Springs Kiwi Encounter has now arrived and is doing well.

Myfie the tiny kiwi being held at Rainbow Springs. Myfie the tiny kiwi

Of all species in the world, kiwis are traditionally famed for laying the largest egg in relation to their body size, however this tiny specimen was considerably smaller than the average 700 gram kiwi egg.

On arrival from South Whirinaki Forest in January, the egg’s weight was just 217.6 grams compared to its clutch companion, which weighed in at 442.1 grams.

Myfie and her siblings eggs side by side. Myfie and her sibling, side by side

Kiwi Encounter Husbandry Manager, Claire Travers believed the tiny egg could have been laid in response to an issue in the mother’s reproductive tract or diet-related.

Naming rights of the North Island brown kiwi were auctioned on Trade Me and raised $1,000 for the National Kiwi Trust.

Now the chick has a name—Myfie…

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